A downloadable game for Windows


ActionOculus TouchWMR Motion Controller
Fire projectileIndex TriggerIndex Trigger
GrabGrip TriggerGrip Trigger
Restart if Game Over or Game Won
Left touch menu buttonLeft/Right menu button
Pull on objectsPull down on joystickPull down on joystick
Cast UltimateB button/Y buttonTouchpad press upper half
Cast SpellA button/X buttonTouchpad press lower half

How To Play

Move around by moving your body or by pulling on the floating blue prisms.

Fire at enemies with your hands.

Pick up weapons you can use.

You can store weapons and other items in the holding areas that follow your hands around.

Try to avoid getting hit in the head by enemies. The bar on your right hand shows your health.


Energy Edge

If holding a blade weapon, imbue its blades. Swinging an imbued blade with force will fire a projectile in the direction of your blade.


Blade Frenzy

Bladed weapons in both hands are imbued automatically every half second for the next 30 seconds.


Drift Arena.zip 22 MB

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